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Difference between Sony W705B and W706B (2014 models)

The LED TV models Sony W705 and W706 are the best LED TV without 3D 2014 .. Both models are equal in technical characteristics and differ only by the color of the frame. The Sony W705B has a black frame while the Sony W706B is silver.

These models have good image quality for a TV of its price range and are characterized by their low inputlag making them ideal for authentic gamers.

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Difference Sony W705B vs W706B (

Sony KDL-R433B / R483B Best Sony TV non-Smart

The Sony R433B is a 2014 TV. The R4 LED TV Sony 2014 series does not have a Smart TV or 3D, this is the simplest range of Sony. The R433 is Sony 32 inch HD Ready resolution and 10W Audio output, the R483 model is 40 inches with a resolution FullHD and 16W Audio. These models are the same as that the R413 / R453 Sony, with the difference in design, and the duplicate screen.
Technical / Specifications:
Resolution: HDReady / FullHD
MotionFlow: 100Hz
    Audio 5+5W / 8+8W*

    View all specifications (Official website)

    Design Sony KDL-R433B:
    Sony KDL-R433B (

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    Name of models:
    • Sony KDL-32R433B HDReady 10W
    • Sony KDL-40R483B FullHD 16W
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    Comparison Sony R4 series 2014: R413B R433B R453B R483B ...

    The R4 Sony TV 2014 series are the lower range, do not have 3D or Smart TV. The 32-inch models are HD Ready and 40 models are Full HD, other differences are the output of Audio, tuners or Internet connection.

    Difference between Sony R410B, R413B, R430B, R433B, R450B, R453B, R480B, R483B, ... 
    32 Inch models: 
    The 32-inch models are R410, R430, R413 and R433. They are models with HD Ready resolution and 5 + 5W Audio Output.

    The DVB-T2 tuner all Sony models ending in "3" have the new tuner: R413B, R433B, R453B and R483B.

    Duplicate Display / Ethernet:
    The R433B and R483B models have ethernet input and Wi-Fi that allows duplicate screen, but do not have any Smart TV platform.


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    Philips PFH4319: non-Smart non-3D 2014

    The Philips PFH4319 is a FullHD TV 2014. This is a low-end model, does not include 3D ​​or internet connection (not Smart). The price is really competitive and this has the necessary connectors: 2xHDMI and 1xUSB, the TV can record via USB. Compatibility is good too, most formats are played smoothly even * .mkv. Sound power is 10W, 20W in the 50 inch model. The image quality in general is not excellent, but we must remember that it is a low-end model. It has 100Hz in 50Hz panel, like all models without SmartTV of all brands.

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    Technical / Specifications:
    Technology: LED 
    Inch: 32, 39, 42 and 50"
    3D: no
    Resolution: FullHD (1920x1080)
    PMR: 100 Hz
    Compatibility: AVI, MKV, H264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MV9/VC1, AAC, MP3, WMA
    Other specifications:
    • 2x HDMI
    • 1x USB *Recording
    • Audio 20W
    Philips Website
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    Conclusion (Verdict):
    Our opinion about Philips PFH4319 is good, we recommend to buy this TV if you want a simple TV. The Philips PFH4319 is a FullHD (PHH - HDReady) no extras, no Internet connection and of course does not include 3D ​​technology. This TV has a sufficiently good image for the price it has. We compare this model with: the best TV without Smart 2014, before buying the Philips PFH4319. If you want a TV with better picture quality you should look SmartTV models, since almost all current LED TV incorporate it.

    Model Name:
    • Philips 32PFL4319
    • Philips 39PFL4319
    • Philips 42PFL4319
    • Philips 50PFL4319