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All Samsung 2015 TV models (line-up)

All models Samsung TV 2015. In this post we present the list with all models of Samsung TV for sale on 2015. In the links of each model you can read our full review and our advice on whether you should buy this TV.

Important!: When is best time to buy a LED TV?

Keep in mind that TVs this list are not offered for sale until Spring 2015, and when they are a novelty they are more expensive, so if you want to buy a flat in the first half of 2015 we will recommend looking models Samsung 2014, they have a good price.

Novelty Samsung TV in 2015?
Samsung is one of the best current TV brand offers full TVs, with all the news and good quality at a reasonable price.
So far the best Samsung Smart System with LG this year modernizing its system Tizio TV. Samsung launches many models 4K, curved screens and continues with flat screen FullHD classics too. This 2015 no OLED or Plasma Samsung models.
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Serie SUHD 4K:
Resolution 4K, curved flat, ...
Samsung JS9500
Samsung JS9000
Samsung JS8500

4K UHD Dimming, Smart TV, CMR 1400, 3D Glasses, ...
  • Samsung UE55KU8700
  • Samsung UE65KU8700
  • Samsung UE78KU8700
4K UHD Dimming, Smart TV, CMR 1200, 3D Glasses, ...
  • Samsung UE55KU8300
  • Samsung UE65KU8300
Full HD:
Full HD, Smart TV, CMR 1000, Micro Dimming Ultimate, 3D Glasses, ...
  • Samsung UE48K8000
  • Samsung UE55K8000
  • Samsung UE65K8000
  • Samsung UE75K8000
Full HD, Smart TV, CMR 800, Micro Dimming Pro, 3D Glasses, ...
  • Samsung UE48K7000
  • Samsung UE55K7000
  • Samsung UE60K7000
  • Samsung UE65K7000
  • Samsung UE75K7000
Full HD, Smart TV, CMR 400, Micro Dimming, 3D Glasses, ...
  • Samsung UE42K6500
  • Samsung UE48K6500
  • Samsung UE50K6500
  • Samsung UE55K6500
  • Samsung UE60K6500
  • Samsung UE65K6500
  • Samsung UE75K6500
Full HD, Smart TV, CMR 200, ...
  • Samsung UE32K6000
  • Samsung UE42K6000
  • Samsung UE48K6000
  • Samsung UE50K6000
  • Samsung UE55K6000
  • Samsung UE60K6000
  • Samsung UE65K6000
Full HD, Smart TV, CMR 100, ...
  • Samsung UE32K5500
  • Samsung UE42K5500
  • Samsung UE48K5500 
Full HD, CMR 100, ...
  • Samsung UE32K5500
  • Samsung UE39K5500
  • Samsung UE42K5500 
  • Samsung UE48K5500
HD Ready:
HD Ready, CMR 100, ...
  • UE23K4000
  • UE28K4000
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Samsung H6240: The cheapest 3D & Smart TV 2015 by Samusng

Our opinion is good, the Samsung H6240 is a TV 2014 HD resolution (on sale during 2015). This model includes 3D technology and a good system of SmartTV (glasses and Smart Touch Control are not included). The Samsung H6240 is the cheapest 3D TV. This model is the same as H6200. We recommend you check our full review of the Samsung H6200, which is extrapolated to model H6240.

Technical / Specifications:
Screen Size: 40, 48, 50, 55 and 60  inches.
Technology: LED
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
3D: yes, active
CMR: 200Hz
Refresh rate: 100Hz
Compatibility: MKV, TS, HD DivX, AVI, MP4, AAC, MP3, WMV, WMA, ...
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4x HDMI
  • 3x USB
  • SmartTV
  • Browser
View all specifications (Samsung website)

Visit TV LED Glossary for more information about what does mean HDMI, HDReady, CMR, HZ...

Design Samsung H6240:

Samsung H6240AK (

Other LED TV like Samsung H6240?
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Model Name:
  • Samsung 40H6240AK
  • Samsung 48H6240AK
  • Samsung 55H6240AK
  • Samsung 60H6240AK

What TV you should buy for January 2015?

Which tv to buy for January?

Our recommendation: What TV should you buy in december 2014/january 2015?
We will recommend several models that are recommended, as specified: SmartTV, 3D, +55 inch ... Before you select your HDTV LED, we advise you to check our TV buying guide 2014, to choose which specifications are more suited to your needs .

There are many models on sale of different brands, the brand that we recommend are Sony, Samsung. LG, Panasonic, ...

The Best LED TV 2014 on sale for 2015:
If you want to buy the best 2014 LED TV we believe you should choose the Sony XBR 4K X9005, a TV with ultra-resolution which is excellent in all respects, the price is really high and only accessible to the wealthy. A slightly more rational option is the Smasung HU8500, is also 4K but something cheaper.
Our 4K UHD TV recommended:
You can consult our list of all 2014 4K UHD TV (line-up).

TV Best value for money in January 2014:
If you want to buy a TV for Christmas 2014 we recommend these as the best models according to their price.
  • Samsung H6400: TV is a highly recommended, good Smart, good 3D, 2D good quality, good contrast, ... A TV with a price below its value. (Other models in the H6000 series are also recommended)
  • Sony W828: The best 2D picture quality at the best price. We also recommend other models of Sony W8 series 2014).
  • Sony W705 / W605: Good quality 2D image without 3D technology. The model 60 KDL W605 is the largest and cheapest screen that we might like.

Recommendation: What LED TV I should buy in Black Friday sales?

We recommend to you what TV should you buy during the Black Friday deals:

This Friday the 29th is celebrated on the Black Friday in stores like Media Markt or Redcoon. The same day deals models appear and here you will recommend that models are advised, and TVs are not.

Some shops lie around with the deals we recommend you are really discount prices and LED TV models are what you should buy. We recommend you read our guide buying TV 2014 first to know what LED TV is best fits your needs.

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Models on sale in different stores, you can read our full review of each model in the links. Black Friday:

  • LG 42LB570V £279: One of the cheapest 42 SmartTV without 3D. We recommend buying the top model LB620V with better image and 3D. The price is good, a good deal.
  • Samsung 50HU6900 £750: The price is very competitive but the Samsung HU6900 is not a recommended TV. Black Friday:

Amazon Black Friday: