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Comparison: the best HDTV 2016

What is the best TV no 4K? During 2015 and the first half of 2016 these are the best TVs with HD resolution that can be purchased.
We compare in this post the best HDTV for each brand: Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony.

The TVs chosen as the best models that can be found in most stores are:

Comparison: the best TV 2015/2016

All TVs mentioned share several technical specifications such as resolution, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, Smart ...
But there are several differences between these models mentioned below. We performed a score on only these models.

2D picture quality:

The 2D picture quality is largely different between the LG LF630V with IPS panel and other panels assembling VA. The LG is better to watch from the side and the other the best for watching movies in darkened rooms. The Panasonic CS620B out as the best balance occurs between lit and dark environments, behaves very well in both environments.
  • J6200 8
  • W805C: 8
  • CS620B: 9
  • LF630V: 7

3D picture quality:

The 3D is only available on the Sony W805C and Panasonic CS620B. Samsung J6200 and LG LF630V models haven't 3D support. The 3D TV models are both active system and Panasonic is somewhat better.
  • J6200: -
  • W805C 8
  • CS620B: 9
  • LF630V: -

Smart Platform:

The Smart Platform is the program that allows Internet access and other functions. The Panasonic has the Smart 2014 (not updated). The webOS 2.0 LG Smart is currently the best platform. More: What Smart 2015 platform is the best?
  • J6200: 8.5
  • W805C 8
  • CS620B: 6
  • LF630V: 9


For gamers the input lag is a very important. More: list all TV inputlag 2015.
  • J6200 7
  • W805C 8
  • CS620B: 6
  • LF630V: 6

Value for Money:

The prices of these TVs are fairly similar, we recommend you buy your new TV: online at
  • J6300 8 £549.00
  • W805C 7 £599.00 
  • CS620B 8 £621.65 
  • LF630V 7 £631.65


We emphasize the relation "image quality-price" of Panasonic CS620B, but with extras worse, especially SmartTV worse. The LG LF630V highlight it as the best to watch from the side and with the best Smart, so it is ideal for the whole family. The Samsung J6200 may be the most balanced and Sony W805C the best for gamers.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Samsung JU7000 vs JU6400 comparative

These two models of Samsung, offer 4K, have the same platform Smart: Tizen. also they include the new DVB-S2. The JU7000 and JU6400 have flat screen and VA panel.

The main difference at first sight is that the JU7000 supports 3D, but there are other important differences.

Differences vs Samsung JU7000 JU6400

Picture quality

The JU6400 model is somewhat lower image quality as the Samsuing JU7000 includes: "Peak Illuminator" to improve the brightness of the colors and "Precision Black": black improves when there is bright images on the screen. The Hz PQi are also higher in the JU7000, although not a significant difference.


The Smart is the same in both models, but the top model JU7000 includes Smart Remote, very useful for the management of the platform. The JU7000 it is more complete in general: One Connect, dual tuner, ... also includes active 3D support.



If we compare the price of 55-inch models we can see that the difference is quite large, almost £400.


The conclusion is clear, that is a television JU7000 clearly superior both: in extras and most importantly the picture quality. Both models are good but the JU6400 is slightly inferior by not including the latest technologies as "Peak Illuminator" or "Precision Black". These technologies work pretty well but you have to be pretty picky to notice, so I just recommend spending the remarkable difference in price if you're a demanding user. Finally remind you that the Samsung TV JU7000 is one of the most recommended models 2015, if it fits your budget is a good choice.

Our full review:

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Best Value TVs 2016

We are already approaching the end of the year so that all major models are available in stores until April 2016 do not appear new models. You can visit our pos: When is the best time to buy a TV?

In this post we will recommend the best TVs "quality-price-features" of this 2015 in our opinion. All these sets are the recommended buy for the end of 2015 and first half of 2016

Best television 2016 Value Price

Panasonic TX-CS520B: Low Range FullHD

It's a really cheap for the quality of image that offers TV, the resolution is full HD and its strongest point is the good black level. The Smart: My Home Screen does not highlight like the audio, this is the most recommended and inexpensive TV allows us to purchase a 50-inch screen for £529.00 in Amazon

Sony W805C: High End FullHD

Probably the best television FullHD 2015 model. This TV out for image quality in both 3D and 2D where blacks are deep and dark scenes look perfectly. Android Smart is the new platform that works well but lacks developed. With the Sony W808C you can get a 55-inch TV with a very good and extras FullHD 3D image for £829.00 in Amazon

Panasonic CX700B: Low Range 4K

This is a TV with economic 4K resolution, if you want a good 4K without spending a small fortune this is the TV. It has a pretty decent SmartTV system, but not the best. We do not think you can buy a TV 4K with better image quality that the Panasonic CX700B for less money. I

Samsung JU7000: Medium Range 4K

An excellent TV if you want to play with the console this is your TV. It's not an economic model but if your budget permits the JU7000 4K offers a very good image, good Smart ,3D, audio quality, overall a television highly recommended if you reach the budget. A full TV and the last, which can be purchased the Samsung 65JU7000T £2,098.94 in Amazon, is also available in 40, 48, 55, 70, ...

Samsung JS8500 / JS9000: High-end 4K

These models are TOP: Super Ultra HD Samsung called them. These present the best picture of 2015, the JS9000 is somewhat higher than: JS8500 but the price makes it affordable for many compardores only JS8500. If you have the money to buy these models do not hesitate.

Our full review of these models:
Panasonic CS520B
Sony W805C
Panasonic CX700B
Samsung JU7000
Samsung JS8500

Best low-end TV: Full HD 2016 Comparison cheap

In this post we try to advise you what is the best and cheapest in the 2016 TV you should buy. We select the most representative of the low-end televisions each brand, which can be found in most physical and online stores.

Comparison Samsung J5500 vs LG LF580V vs Panasonic CS520B vs Sony R553C

These televisions share some important features such as Smart TV, the resolution is full HD, non-3D, HDMI and USB ports, and Wi-Fi ... The differences between these models are quite important because they differ in aspects like picture quality or extras.

2D Picture quality:

It is the most important aspect in our opinion. The main difference is found in the type of panel mounted: we recommend you read our comparative IPS vs VA panel.

Sony R553C: VA panel, the black level is good and presents the best contrast, comparison of TVs here, the problem is that the viewing angle is really low, if we see the TV from the front it looks excellent but if we move some it loses quality very quickly. In sports or action movies performs well, although the value of Motionflow is less than the competition.

Samsung J5500: VA panel, the contrast is excellent, especially for a TV of this price. The VA panel does not offer a viewing angle too wide but not as low as in the Sony. If we are to visualize many sports is not the best TV, it may appear a little ghosting.

LG LF580V: IPS Panel is the only one of the 4 with this technology, offers a wide viewing angle and brightness slightly higher than other TVs, the black level is lower, especially if it shows we watch movies in the dark. It is a highly recommended televisions for watching sports or action movies, the problem of ghosting not appear in this TV.

Panasonic CS520B: VA panel. The picture in the rest of this panel televisions presents good contrast and viewing angle smaller than IPS panel models. In bright lighting conditions the picture you can see a little less natural, good to watch sports but there are films that are somewhat effect "theater".

Smart TV:

Connection of televisions to the Internet is a reality. All models proposed here, equipped with platform: connecting to the Internet. Each model uses a single platform line. Only we emphasize that LG is the better about their webOS 2.0 system followed closely by Samsung Tizen, but they all do more or less the same. We recommend you read our comparative about: What Smart 2015 platform is better?


Many users want a TV mainly to play, in this case the input lag is an important value to consider.
  • Sony R553C: 45ms
  • Samsung J5500: 40ms
  • LG LF580V: 50ms
  • Panasonic CS520B: 55ms
More on inputlag in current LED TV


There are some things to keep in mind that we have not discussed so far, although not as important. The Panasonic CS520B has few connectors, the LG LF580V is the same as the LF590V with minor differences, you have to buy the finished models "V" as the LF5800 has not DVB-T2. The Samsung J5500 is the same as selling MediaMarkt J5570. The Sony R553C is available in 40 or 48 inch, 32 inch model called R503C.


The price of these TVs is relatively low, as these are good models, but low range. There are cheaper TVs this 2015 but these are the minimum that we recommend, with Smart, FullHD ... The price indicated are for models 40-43 (£300-400), 48-50 (£450-600) and 55 inches (£700-900).


After listing the main features of the different models we hope to help you choose the TV that is more suited to your needs, without forgetting to visit our updated TV buying guide. If you are not very fond of having Internet on the TV and do not want to spend a lot we recommend buying the Panasonic CS520B 40 inches, if instead is looking forward to go online and see sports Lg is a good choice, provided they do not use the TV in the dark, Samsung is one of the most balanced and Sony models recommended the film to watch in the dark, and especially from the front. In conclusion each model is better suited to specific needs, although 4 are good models for the price they have.

Our full review of each model:

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

All 2016 models Panasonic TV (line-up UK)

In this post you can find all the TVs that Panasonic put on sale in UK with the link to our opinions. Panasonic 2016 (line-up) do not reach stores until a few months so we recommend reading our post:
When is best time to buy a LED TV?

Our recommendation is to buy Panasonic 2015 models that are for sale during 2016 too.

News Panasonic TVs 2016
One of the most notable developments of  Panasonic is ¿the models of television with OLED technology? Also the high-end models are compatible with HDR technology and extends range of 4K leaving the models with FullHD resolution almost relegated. About Smart, waiting to try the new Firefox OS 2.5 but we expected to be passed to AndroidTV.


Panasonic CZ950
  • 65CZ950E


Panasonic DX900
  • TX-65DX900
  • TX-58DX900

What means the name of 2016 Panasonic TVs?

You can visit our list of all Panasonic 2015 TV on sale during 2016.